Friday, December 28, 2012

Poof Slinky & Other Products

Slinky is a well known toy, but did you know it is made in America?

When the Slinky was made in the 1940s, shortly after inventor Richard James created James Industries. James used spring steel to create his product and it was a big hit; he sold his entire inventory of 400 within 90 minutes. James Industries stayed alive for over 45 years and eventually sold it in 1998 to Poof Products, Inc. Thanks to Richard James, the slinky was developed in America and made in America and thankfully Poof Products, Inc. is keeping the tradition going!

Poof Products continues to sell slinkies made in America as well as some of their other products. The products made by Poof are easy to find and easy to buy because they are available in over 25 different stores as well as Amazon. Poof sells Slinkies, magic sets, mini construction sets, science kits, board games, as well as dog slinkies and upgraded versions of the slinky such as ones with gold plating. Poof's headquarters are in Plymouth, Michigan just south-east of 8 mile and west of Detroit. For being a fairly new company, just hitting their 23rd anniversary this year they have become very popular among gifts for children and employ over 200 American citizens who pay taxes and spend their income in America!


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