Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Made in America

I have been eating jelly beans as long as I can remember. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are the #1 gourmet jelly bean in the world! And guess what? They are made in America! Based in Fairfield, Ca, Jelly Belly was the first company to make jelly beans with all naturals flavors. They have half the sugar than other jelly beans, and are made with real fruit juice. You can purchase the entire line up of Jelly Belly products from Amazon.

The demand for non-chocolate treats became popular by patriotic Americans after a chocolate shortage during World War 2. In 1960, fourth generation candy maker Herman Goelitz Rowland took over his family’s Oakland California’s candy corn business and expanded it with gummi bears and jelly beans. In 1976, the first eight flavors of Jelly bellys were born.

These delicious treats soon caught the attention of president Reagan and jelly belly jelly beans became a staple in the oval office. They were the first jelly beans in space, given as a surprise to the crew of the Challenger space shuttle in 1983.

They offer a wide variety of flavors including blueberry, buttered popcorn, and strawberry cheesecake. Jelly Belly’s are fat free, gluten free, and kosher. Jelly Belly makes sugar free jelly beans, and sport jelly beans that contain electrolytes and vitamins for athletes. This company does not let any of their product go to waste. The jelly beans that don’t meet quality standards are repackaged and sold as Belly Flops. Jelly Belly also makes Chocolate Dips, which are jelly beans covered in chocolate. Jelly Belly hires union workers and has over 700 employees. Jelly Belly and The Made in America Store teamed up to bring consumers the world’s most famous jelly bean.

We will have an article soon about Russell Stover candies also made in America.

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