Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A television made in the USA!

Who says electronics can't be built in America?  Element Electronics is breaking the mold by manufacturing TV's in the USA.  TV's made in Detroit, Michigan have helped generate over 100 jobs in the short time since they started manufacturing at home.

This was also an emotional decision for the company, maybe even a patriotic choice.  Element Electronics is an American company. Personally, I grew up in a small, blue-collar Ohio town. Our business is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are rooted in the Midwest. We have watched for years as jobs have left America for other countries. We have wanted to and planned for producing TV’s here, at home. Element Electronics wants to pioneer a resurgence of creating quality manufacturing jobs in the USA. - Mike O'Shaughnessy, Element Electronics President

And if building the TV in America wasn't enough, Element LED TV’s are environmentally friendly.  They do not contain the levels of lead, mercury and other volatile organic compounds found in most CRT and LCD TV’s.  They also use recycled plastics to produce their LCD TV's which use less packaging than conventional LCD TV's.  Element uses less power than a conventional LCD TV too!

When we started the project we knew that we wanted to produce in the Midwest.  Practically speaking, the Midwest held advantages in terms of a qualified labor pool and distribution efficiencies based on population across the U.S. We settled on Michigan as a result of the partnerships established in Michigan. With the help of partners Tongfang Global and Lotus, we were able to make our American dream come true.  - Mike O'Shaughnessy, Element Electronics President
Element TV's are competitively priced and are available at big box stores such as Costco, Target, Walmart, and were featured on QVC.  They have also been spotted on Amazon here.  Please inspect your particular box for the "Made in USA" label.


  1. These TV's aren't MADE in the United States. They're ASSEMBLED in the United States. That's a huge difference.

  2. This is wonderful, unfortunately I've been searching for a few weeks and the only Element tv's I can find have been manufactured in China. Where can I find one made in the USA?