Friday, December 28, 2012

Manufacturing in China keeps American companies afloat

In an article by Michael Ruhlman about the "Made in America" segments that ran throughout the month of December on ABC News arguments are made that Chinese manufacturing is vital to American companies.  The article posits that the cooking tool company in which the author is proud to be part of, relies on inexpensive Chinese manufacturing to stay afloat.  He argues the business is positive for America because it uses American shipping materials and shipping from UPS.  They also pay a lawyer and accountant, and reinvest all their profit.

There are certainly arguments for Chinese manufacturing but we should also keep in mind the arguments for American manufacturing.  The biggest reason to restore American manufacturing is that it creates American jobs.  It's that simple.

Could you imagine the economic impact of the cooking tool company in which it seems Ruhlman and his partner have no employees?  That company might as well be Rada Cutlery producing their cutlery in the USA.

There are some situations in which I am compelled, dare I say forced to buy foreign made products.  Take my Samsung Galaxy or Apple Ipod, I have no American manufactured option.  But instead of buying Michael Ruhlman serving spoons, this one for $33 and this one for $29 I would choose to buy a $14 package of spoons from Rada Cutlery that includes both styles.  Why now would I buy 2 spoons that are made in China for $62 when I could buy better ones made in America for $14? 

It pays to be a smart consumer... pays America.  I'm happy to be a customer.

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