Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Honda builds millionth car in U.S. for export

Honda began manufacturing cars in the USA in 1982.  On December 3rd of 2012 Honda announced that it has made it's 1 millionth vehicle in the United States built for export.  While purchasing a Chevy or Ford may give you an American pride feeling, Honda deserves an honorable mention for the manufacturing jobs it has produced in America.  To date Honda has built over 17 million vehicles in North America with many domestically sourced parts.

The millionth Honda for export was a silver Accord built in the Marysville, Ohio factory.  In 2014 Honda expects to export more cars built in North America than it imports from Japan. 

Many foreign makers export a large amount of their cars made in America, but the trend was started by Honda.  Since 1987 Honda has exported more than $22 billion worth of cars and components from America.  Yes, they make components here and export them for production on their manufacturing lines abroad!

A post on Edmunds from 2006 details some important figures about Honda and the money generated stateside by the automaker:

In Ohio 2006, there were 160 suppliers for the Honda plants. In 2004 $6.8 billion was spent on Honda products. 
North American suppliers totaled 600 putting $13.6 billion into the American economy. 
PROPERTY TAXES PAID IN 2004: $23.6 million 
United Way Contributions: $1.2 million from Associates 
                          $ 900,000 Corporate Match 
Capital investment since 1979 $5.5 billion. 
EXPORTS of 2006; 22,586 cars shipped to 41 countries.  (1,000,000 total as of Dec 3, 2012!)
          11,000 motorcycles and ATVs to 52 countries 
          $1.5 billion of parts and components 
$615,000 in "Dollars for Doers" grants have been paid to qualified non-profit organizations since 1995.
Honda associates, spouses and retirees have given more than 290,000 volunteer hours in support of local communities.
$1.3 million was donated to the Katrina fund. 

From 2010-2012 Honda invested $2.2 billion in operations here in the US.  In 2014 they will make 1.92 million units per year in the states, up from 1.63 million.

American Honda Financial Services and American Honda Motor Corporation generate tax revenue for the American government and should not be excluded from your car purchasing decisions.  Many American jobs have been created by Honda's dedication to American manufacturing

So when you make your next car buying decision, don't automatically exclude Honda for being foreign.  They deserve a lot of kudos for the American job creation and revenue creation.  The residual value and dependability on Honda's are so high that this will leave you with more money to spend on other... AMERICAN PRODUCTS!

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