Thursday, December 13, 2012

Importance of Buying American Products

Importance of Buying American Products    
  Over the last decade, the American economy hasn’t been going on the path that we’ve all wanted and just now we are on the road to recovery. Since Congress is going to keep continuing their bipartisan bickering as Americans we must act. As Americans we want things to get done quickly and efficiently and completely being reliant on the US legislature is not the way to go. In order to solve our economic problems we must buy American made products to boost the US economy. These are the reasons why all of us should be buying products made in the USA rather than the ones’ that come from overseas.

  • America is one of the few countries working on an alternative energy program. Not only will this reduce pollution but it will also reduce prices over time because the need for oil will decrease.
  • The amount of time it will take to pay off the national debt will significantly decrease. Currently, the average American is responsible for $47,000 of our National debt. This can easily be changed by buying American made products.
  • Create more jobs in the USA which will not only make it easier for you to get a job but for future generations and your family members.
  • Most of the jobs that overseas don’t come back; therefore it’s best to start now so we can have job growth rather than loss.
  • Products made in foreign nations do not have the same safety standards we do. Sometimes toys and other products shipped to the USA may have dangerous levels of lead in them. A product made in America would not have this happen because of the safety standards and consumer protection laws.
  • Boosts the American economy and gives investors more reason and confidence to put their money into America.
  • Products made over seas pollute the environment using dangerous processes. The same cannot be said about what is made in America.
  • No minimum wage and less worker safety laws in other countries.
  • If the economy was booming, the value of the dollar would significantly increase over time.
  • Companies would have more money to build infrastructure which would leave room for more jobs.
  • What is known as the domino effect will happen. This starts with people buying American made products, which boosts the economy, and in turn makes wages higher. This allows citizens to spend more money on hopefully another batch of American goods and the cycle just keeps continuing.

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