Sunday, October 11, 2015

GoWireless Verizon Review Horsham

Today I must deviate from the impetus for this site and post a review of GoWireless.  I had a horrible customer service experience with them and posted the review on Yelp.  GoWireless had Yelp take down the review because I posted it on more than one page, and Yelp will not allow it to be reposted because of this.  So here is my review of GoWireless as it existed on Yelp...

I have long had a bad impression of Verizon because of poor customer service but recently I was attracted to Verizon again because the deal seemed more attractive. So I visited Go wireless in Horsham Gate, 100 Welsh Rd, Horsham, PA 19044. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 and was told by the manager Gary that I could return it within 30 days for a $35 restocking fee.

When I got my first bill I logged in to Verizon website and realized I was overcharged for the phone by $100, about $5/month. Go wireless isn't owned by Verizon and as such charged me more than I would've paid at a Verizon owned store.  When I noticed the discrepancy I went to the store to try and get a credit or return the phone and repurchase elsewhere. 

Upon visiting the store I worked with Dennis the assistant manager. I was informed that the return policy is 14 days and I was on my 15th day.  I was also informed that the store manager who told me the return policy is 30 days was fired the day before and they wouldn't honor his agreement.

Dennis wasn't willing to credit me any money by charging me too much for the phone.  His regional manager was in the store and wasn't willing to credit me either.  Instead of accepting that I was aware of the lower price charged by Verizon and agreeing to make me happy, he and his regional manager worked to pass the buck onto Verizon.

They called a retention line and asked to increase a bonus offer I received for porting my number in, but retention was unwilling to help.  After dealing with the special retention line, the buck got passed to customer service.  Again, Dennis tried to sweet talk customer service into giving me a $200 credit being offered now... it was a $100 credit when I bought, for porting my line.  This was in addition to the fact that I was overcharged $100 for the phone. 

I'm rational and all about fair, I was willing to accept $100 any way he could do it, even though I should've been awarded $200 and the ability to take advantage of the 30 day return policy offered by GoWireless when I purchased. I later learned they could've returned it on the 15th day if they had just asked Verizon for approval.  But Go Wireless didn't care about saving my business, they would rather have the $100 in their drawer than my repeat business.

As Dennis tried to sweet talk customer service we both realized the representative wasn't understanding the situation, the rep was obviously very unintelligent and also uninformed of the new $200 offer.  Dennis asked for a floor supervisor.  At that point I got handed the phone to speak to a customer service supervisor.  I spent about 5 minutes explaining my situation including the fact that I was going to add a line, and convert my home cable to Verizon, but my decision hinged on how this was handled.  If I didn't get a fair resolution, I instead would leave Verizon, pay the full cost of my phone and move on.  After explaining the whole story the floor supervisor said "give me one moment and I'll look at your account for you." 

What happened next was crazy... 5 seconds later someone from tech support picked up the phone and asked how they could help me.  I asked for him to put me back on with the floor supervisor.  He was unable to reconnect me and insisted he could handle my issues.  So I spent 5 minutes explaining my story again to learn that he is unable to do anything.   Dennis then tried to talk some sense into him, but realized the tech support rep didn't have the power to fix my situation and the floor supervisor did, of which I no longer would be transferred back to.

The regional manager agreed to look into this with their bosses at GoWireless corporate and maybe VZW.  Go Wireless corporate was unwilling to credit me back $100.  I even offered to port my sons number over in order to have an extra $100 applied in his deal somewhere... I was willing to do this even though I wasn't really ready to move my son from t-mobile yet.  I was willing to work with them, to give them more business in order to help them justify the decision to credit what I was entitled to.

Through all of this, his bosses would not allow me to have the $100.  I have owned a cell phone store, I used to be a regional manager for a Cingular Wireless agent.  I can assure you that what his bosses did is not only greedy, but downright stupid.  It makes no business sense.  There is still plenty of profit in the deal they got with me, and if I leave Verizon before the 30 days is up, they get nothing. 

Go Wireless is owned/run by a bunch of greedy and unfair jerks.  It's not even fair to call them businessmen.  They are more like bottom feeding sharks.  I will never do business with them again and hope that you don't do business with them either.  I also will not work with Verizon Wireless again, but if you must... go to a corporate owned store so you get the proper pricing.