Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Crayola Crayons are Made in America

Who hasn't used a Crayola Crayon? Crayola's wax crayons are a part of American culture, and every child's art during their pre-school and elementary years. Crayola initially started as Binney and Smith and in the early 1900s they really got in the swing of manufacturing wax crayons.  The first Crayola crayon was made in 1903.  Before that point Binney & Smith was known for pigments and carbon black pencils. Crayola products are a great gift to give to children around the time of the holidays and as a birthday present. The items available from Crayola are also great back to school gifts that every kid will love.  Today, Crayola estimates that 99% of Americans are familiar with the Crayola name.

Headquartered in Northampton County, Pennsylvania with manufacturing in Bethlehem, PA as well Crayola employs over 1,000 people.  While they do have production in Mexico and International sales offices, they are now owned by American mega-corp Hallmark.  Hallmark is based out of Kansas City and generates over 4 billion dollars a year in revenue which in turn sends a nice chunk to the American government in tax dollars.  Between the cards and the crayons, this is one American company that warrants our purchasing power, and no doubt at some point in your life you already have.

By 1998 they had 120 colors available to consumers.

Crayola also produces silly putty, modeling clay, Liquitex products and many other products that are focused around allowing children to have fun with art.

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