Saturday, January 5, 2013

Amazon needs to add a search option for "Made in America" is America's largest online retailer, but they don't make it easy for you to buy American.  I think they should.  If you agree, please sign these petitions and spread the word.

Made in USA stuff is sponsoring the first petition, every signature sends an email to the CEO and VP of Amazon. The Made in America store is sponsoring the petition to get Obama involved.

There is a growing number of Americans willing to help solve our economic woes by purchasing American made goods.  It would be easy enough for Amazon to add a search option for "Made in America" and allow retailers to mark their items as such.  If they don't want to alienate international business they could offer a search option for other "made in X" as well.

Adding the "Made in America" designation is not just patriotic, it's a smart business decision.  Chinese consumers have recently shown they are willing to pay a premium for products made in America.  Much of the world likely feels the same way.  And if the old rumor that American made goods are more expensive, this is a chance for Amazon to generate more revenue, since people are willing to spend more for the USA label.  I don't believe the rumor is true, in fact I posted an example last week of kitchen spoons, that you save a ton of money buying American.

Do your part, sign and spread the link to this page so others can easily find both of these important petitions.



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  1. It is kind of amazing to me with Amazon's capabilities for marketing and product classification that it is still very difficult to search for American-made items.