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Jeans and Clothing Made in America

You might think Levi's and Wrangler jeans are made in America. In reality, its a rarity to find the Made in America tag anymore on either of those companies products. Here are the list of companies that still proudly manufacture jeans in America...

All American Clothing:  

Their mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping their production in the USA they provide jobs and a tax base that supports American communities.  They care about our country and the people in it; if "we were only in it for money we would move our production overseas. We will NOT trade USA jobs for foreign profits..."

All American Clothing also offers a great return policy, satisfaction guarantee, and good customer service.  Their products are Made in USA certified meaning that 100% of assembly is in the US and all or virtually all of their core components are made in the USA.

All USA Clothing

At All USA Clothing, they strive in offering the best clothing at the best prices Made in the USA. They are committed to this country, its future and to supporting and promoting manufactures determined to remain - Made in the USA.

Visit them on Twitter: @AllAmericanJean

Bonobos Clothing

Bonobos was started to solve what they say is a simple problem: "men's pants just don't fit well." Bonobos fixes this problem with their clothing by making good looking clothes that are comfortable as well as Made in America.

Bullet Blues Clothing

Bullet Blues' success began with quality American-made jeans, but the company has gone on to produce a luxurious collection of apparel. Combining superior quality and design with high-quality fabrics, Bullet Blues offers pieces with a European flair, comfort and sophistication, all made in the USA, with American-made materials.

Visit them on Twitter: @JeansBulletBlue

Todd Shelton

At Todd Shelton, they found that making products abroad was not right for them. They didn't feel it was sincere and they understand the importance of American manufacturing.

There is no charge for return or exchange shipping. You can return or exchange a product anytime, and for any reason. They encourage all customers to use this free service, when necessary, to ensure a proper fit.

American Apparel

American Apparel is one of the more popular All-American companies. Their average worker gets paid up to 50 times more than the workers in Asian countries.

They recycle almost all of their manufacturing waste (over 150 semi truck loads per year) and as of 2012 they are virtually landfill-free. Their solar panels offset as much as 20% of our electrical usage, and they ship the majority of their goods to their worldwide stores via excess space on passenger flights and busses, minimizing their environmental impact.

Pointer Brand

Their employees are committed, dedicated and deliver on time.

They represent the phrase Made in America.

Pointer Brand clothing is made by The L. C. King Manufacturing Company in Bristol, Tennessee.

Texas Jeans

Texas Jeans was founded long ago with one idea in mind. Keep it American. Owner and President Wallace Thompson wanted to have a jean that was top quality, rugged, and great fitting. But he also wanted to keep the price so everyone could take advantage of this idea. Many other big name brand jean companies moved their production overseas to keep their costs down, yet for some reason the price of the jean went up! Mr. Thompson vowed his factory would never go overseas, nor would he compromise quality for cash. He would bring a great fitting, high quality, reasonably priced jean to the masses.

Visit them on twitter: @TexasJeansUSA

Union Label

Made in USA products - They sell Clothing and products Made in USA by US Manufacturers. Their products include Union and or American made apparel from Round House, Camber, Okabashi, New Balance, Union Line, Kamik Winter Boots, Northstar Gloves, King Louie, Union House men's briefs and boxers. They also sell Made in USA Cookware and Toys.

LJC Apparel

LJC- The Longhorn Jean Company, was inspired by Matthew and Amanda Kimes. They were desperately searching for a better jean. They are the backbone of this USA made company.

For Matt and Amanda, LJC is a simple idea. Create an excellent product at an affordable price. Being American made was also very important; they weren’t impressed with what was coming out of China or India. The company, which started with 2 styles ofjeans, began their journey in March 2009. In just two short years, the company now has 9 styles for men and women.

Round House Clothes

ROUND HOUSE® Made in USA jeans, Made in USA overalls, Made in USA workwear and Made in USA kids clothing as well as everything else are produced by Round House Manufacturing LLC in Shawnee, Oklahoma USA. The company was started in 1903 and soon after began producing ROUND HOUSE® brand workwear. At 110 years old, Round House is the oldest all USA made manufacturer and the oldest manufacturer in the state of Oklahoma.

Brilliant You Denim

Brilliant You LLC is a small start-up business located in Bellevue, Washington, specializing in unique designs for a very old industrial – denim jeans, with the goal of adding more comfort and elegance to your everyday denim ware. All our jeans as well as our denim materials are made in the U.S.A.

Their vision for the future is to become a top customer choice for providing high quality, cost competitive, unique fashion, and unparalleled comfort merchandise to women across the globe.

Buddy's Jeans

Buddy's ® Jeans were designed and originally manufactured by Buddy Steverson of New Hebron, Mississippi. Buddy worked as a rancher and rodeo cowboy, as well as a manufacturer all his life. Living this way, he found out first-hand the kind of jeans it takes to hold up when you work from can to can't. He could not find a single pair in the stores that would pass his test. Most of the jeans he bought would have twisted leg seams after the first washing.

The front pockets would have holes worn in them long before the garments wore out -- especially when he had them full of staples, keys or change. At the time he started developing Buddy's ® Jeans his size was an in-between (odd size) that no store handled. This caused Buddy to wear a jean too large and made him realize there were people all over the world with this same problem. He wanted jeans that were tough, durable, comfortable, and yet affordable.

J Brand Jeans

J Brand set out to create classic and sophisticated jeans with an emphasis on fit, timeless products and the inspiration to make a woman look and feel beautiful in her jeans. With this mission, J Brand has achieved a winning combination of style, comfort and sexiness in denim.
CERTIFIED jeans are made from 100% organic cotton grown without chemicals in the USA. Wear what you care.

Wearing CERTIFIED jeans protects you from foreign unknowns because they're made from beneficial fabrics, grown in the USA, and made in the USA under US labor laws.

AG Jeans

Rooted in design expertise and manufacturing ingenuity, AG is a genuine "Made in USA" brand.

An eco-minded company, AG produces their jeans using Ozone Technology, a process that reduces water consumption by over 50% while using minimal chemicals and less energy. Factory to retail, AG recycles thousands of pounds of denim scraps each week and distributes reusable shopping bags in their stores.

Visit them on twitter: @AGJeans

Laurina Jeans

Laurina LLC, is a designer of embroidered denim jeans. Passionate about endangered animals, The Endangered Collection displays these beautiful and not forgotten animals. Look fashionable and show your public awareness as you wear the slim fitting, dark denim jeans.

Visit them on twitter: @LaurinaJeansUSA

James Jeans

"Inspiration comes from everywhere so it is hard to pin point precisely.

We get inspired from everything from a Multitude of Art, current fashion, History, and by sourcing new textiles and just being hands on with different fabrics.

We take all of that inspiration and filter it utilizing Trend reports and Current research on Past/Present Fashion trends.

What we end up with is a huge grid of styles which we then edit and trim in order to tighten and Polish.

Our muse is your everyday woman looking for an amazing pair of jeans that exceeds all of their Denim Expectations. "

Visit them on twitter: @JamesJeans

Red Engine Jeans

Constantly searching out the world's finest's denim, they import only the best fabrics from Europe and Japan then produce the line entirely in Los Angeles. By producing it locally, Red Engine stays constantly involved in all aspects of the design, development, and production processes ensuring the highest quality product possible.

Visit them on twitter: @RedEngineJeans

Truck Jeans

Truck Jeans is a bold fashion statement that embodies the essences of the Original American Ride. Each piece is created with the consumer in mind focusing on quality, fit, affordability, and authenticity. Truck Jeans was developed in 1997 by the owners fascination of both denim and classic trucks. He came to the conclusion that by combining his two passions, he could create denim jeans that reflect an iconic trend in American fashion. As trends change from year to year, Truck Jeans thrives to produce the most up to date styles for everyone to stay in fashion.

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