Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jolly Time American Pop Corn Company

Jolly Time makes popcorn in America!

Founded in 1914, the oldest popcorn company in America is still proudly representing the Made in America tag on their products. Jolly Time was a grass roots organization started in the basement of Cloid Smith's house with the help of his son Howard. Cloid developed the first way to correctly package popcorn and sell it to the masses. As time went on, popcorn was considered the perfect snack food and more people began falling into the popcorn craze.

Over time the market became more competitive for Jolly Time. They forged new marketing strategies by hiring spokespeople and having their product advertised on American game shows. Because of competition, Jolly Time decided to get innovative.They ditched their famous metal container that was used to cook popcorn on a stove, and replaced it with a plastic bag suitable for microwaving. They were the first company to make this change that the entire industry uses today.

Today, Jolly Time still manufactures their popcorn in America exactly where they started at Sioux City, Iowa. Jolly Time offers multiple different flavors including healthy 100 calorie popcorn bags, original, 94% fat free, white kernel, yellow kernel, and over 7 different kinds of butter flavors. With the amazing variety and taste Jolly Time offers on top of it being made in America, buying this popcorn over other companies is a no-brainer!

Popular competitor Orville Redenbacher is also made in the United States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ConAgra Foods.


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