Monday, December 9, 2013

Golf Tees, Ball Retriever, Golf Grips Made in USA

Zero Friction Tees Made in USA
 There aren't many products at your local Golf shop that are made in America.  We've written about American made Titleist balls and PING clubs, in this article we'll show you a few more golf items made in the USA.

We've searched every item in our local golf stores and have found almost nothing!  But here are some tees and a ball retriever that you can purchase to support American manufacturing.  

If you spot others please give us a link to the photo and we'll add it to our American Made Golf Equipment archive.

 Purchase any of the three American Made Golf Tees via Amazon on this handy list I made that displays all of them at once for you.  
Professional Tee System Made in the USA

These Epoch golf tees from evolvegolf are amazing!  This is our favorite pick by far, there is no good reason for you to not be using this tee.  Buy it for friends, give it as a gift, you must buy this tee!  Buy American golf tees right now on Amazon!

No trees were hurt in the making of this tee.  Me and my buddies have a joke about the Epoch tee, we think it's a flawed business plan.  The problem is that the tees are too durable.  You'll only need about 1 tee per round, a single box of 50 could last years.  A friend of mine went 28 rounds of golf on a single Epoch evolve golf tee!  Instead of cracking, the tee is likely to fly, so losing it 20 yards away from your teeing location might require a replacement tee.  I can't remember ever seeing one actually break.  They do no damage to driver heads under extreme swing speeds, we've got plenty of proof for that.  Buy the Epoch tee from Golfsmith here.

Aside from finding three American golf tees, we found one other item in the shop that was made in America.  The iGotcha ball retriever comes in a few sizes ranging from 6 to 18 feet.  They all have the "Proudly made in U.S.A." label.  


Pure Golf Grips are made in the USA.  There are several PURE grips to choose from (soft wrap, smooth wrap, pure wrap, pure midsize wrap, and a pro grip).  PURE makes great feeling grips ranging from a soft to firm feel grip.  The grips are made in Tempe, AZ.  PURE makes a very tacky grip and feels like it will hold up really well, the price is fair. h/t ttgolf

Sadly, Golf Pride no longer makes grips in the USA.  

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